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Posted by Keith Frankel on Aug 26, 2016 1:40:06 PM
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We recently launchedFirecracker High Yield for Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1, new additions to both Firecracker MD and DO that allow students to focus on a smaller subsection of the most important content. Since then, we’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the number of requests for a similar High Yield option for Step 2, so we decided to put a rush on it, and today we’re excited to announce the release of High Yield Step 2.

One important note: Given the high number of requests, we’re releasing High Yield Step 2 a bit quicker than we normally would. Typically, we like to spend more time reviewing the content. However, we didn’t want to delay getting it to you, so we are considering High Yield Step 2 as more of a beta, something we will continue to update and improve over the coming weeks. Acknowledging this, we don’t think it’s quite fair to ask full price, so for the rest of August we are offering Firecracker for our lowest price ever: $150/year for all M3’s. Hopefully that helps!

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How is Firecracker High Yield different?

Recommended for those who want to slowly ramp up their Firecracker studying, may have fallen behind along the way, or are simply too busy to keep up, Firecracker High Yield is a great alternative to the traditional Firecracker experience. During onboarding (or in settings if you’re already a member), you can now choose to either work your way through all of Firecracker's content, or only focus on the highest yield Step 2 topics. Your choice will determine which and how much content we assign you each day. If at any point you want to switch, you can; we’ll carry over your progress, and Firecracker will adjust its recommendations accordingly.

Other than that, everything else is the same. All of the same features and functionality, plus the same proven recommendation engine. Only now, you also get to decide your own path through the content.

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