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Posted by David Guertin on Jul 12, 2016 4:27:54 PM

Firecracker members have consistently crushed their boards since day one, and in recent years we have made huge strides in developing world-class content for clinical rotations, USMLE Step 2, and Shelf exams. You can use the same Firecracker account to conveniently transition into your clinical year studies after completing Step 1, and here's how: 

1. Go to your Account and Settings page via the navigation panel on the left side of Firecracker's webpage. Scroll down to the "Path to Success" section, and select the new Test you are preparing for from the dropdown menu. Adjust your Goal score and Exam date as needed, and make sure you click the "Save Study Plan Changes" button: 

Step_1_to_Step_2_Test_Change.gif2. Firecracker will automatically adjust your Today's To-Do's recommendations according to whichever Test you are preparing for. When browsing content on the Study Something Specific page, you'll find that Step 2 materials are now the default there as well. You can still easily access our pre-clinical content for review.

3. On the Take an Exam page, you'll find timed practice exams in our board-style exam interface to help you prepare for your Shelf Exams and USMLE Step 2: Shelf-style_and_board-style_practice_exams.png

4. Firecracker's authors and editors wrote up this guide on how to make the most of our platform during your clinical rotations, and I recorded this in-depth video demonstration for clinical year success strategies.

5. In the last 30-90 days before your Step 2 test date, activate Dedicated Test Prep Mode in Firecracker. We released this upgrade only two months ago, and about 500 medical students are currently using our Dedicated Test Prep Mode for USMLE Step 2.

I hope you found this guide helpful for transitioning to your clinical years with Firecracker, and as always, please don't be shy to ask us any questions you have. All the best,

David J. Guertin

"During my basic science years I used Firecracker religiously and it paid off. I scored high on my Step1 exam and moved onto clinicals. I was skeptical to how Firecracker would help on the wards, but decided to turn on all of the relevant Step 2 material anyway and give it a try. Everything is incredibly useful and I get asked questions daily from residents and attending's that I have learned from Firecracker. My NBME Shelf exam scores are stellar, and I look pretty smart on the wards. What more can I ask for?" - Wesley, American University of the Caribbean, graduating class of 2017

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