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Posted by chat@firecracker.me on Feb 13, 2013 5:02:35 PM

Hi Firecrackers!

We recently released a new feature: the ability to choose your "learning mode". Your Learning mode determines the number of questions Firecracker recommends you answer for each of your flagged Topics. In Firecracker's default learning mode, "Comprehensive" mode, you are quizzed on all concepts within your flagged Topics. In our new "Lite" mode, you are only quizzed on some of the concepts within your flagged Topics. Lite mode is a way for students who don't have much spare time to still benefit from Firecracker's content and proven learning and memory science techniques. We recommend you stick with Comprehensive mode so that you master all the concepts you need come test day, but we want to let you choose.

Because this decision has major implications for your Firecracker learning experience, we want to take the time here to explain everything in detail. We start by reviewing the way Firecracker works and then breakdown exactly how Comprehensive and Lite mode work.

How Firecracker works

Each of our Topics typically has 5-8 key concepts. Each key concept usually has 2-3 supportive concepts which you can see if you click "more." All concepts (both key and supportive) that are "testable" will be linked to questions that Firecracker will recommend that you answer. When you first flag a Topic, we will add questions to your Study quiz. Then, depending on how well you remember the information, we will schedule related Review questions for you in the future. If you have trouble remembering a concept, Firecracker will ask you a related Review question sooner than if you had no problem remembering the concept. Take the Topic, "Lipid Digestion & Metabolism."

Notice that we have already clicked "more" on the first key concept ("Dietary fat..."), and that you can see the 2 supportive concepts ("Pancreatic lipase..." and "Chylomicrons contain..."). This Topic contains a total of 7 key concepts, 6 of which contain supportive concepts. The total number of concepts we consider testable appears next to the flag icon (see red arrow). In this case, we are using Comprehensive mode and there are 15 testable concepts.

Comprehensive mode vs. Lite mode

If we were using Lite mode, there would only be 5 testable concepts. This is because, in Lite mode, we never show you questions from supportive concepts--only from key concepts. Therefore, switching to Lite mode will reduce the number of Study questions, Review questions, Upcoming Review questions, and Catch-up questions by anywhere from 50% to 75%. So, if you have 100 Review questions for today and you switch to Lite mode, you could end up with only 10 questions.

Give Lite mode a try by changing your learning mode from Comprehensive to Lite on your settings page. As always, let us know if you have any questions whatsoever. Enjoy! :)


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