Dude, where's my car?

Posted by chat@firecracker.me on Sep 1, 2011 8:38:48 PM

Every now and then, something happens to us to make us think the world's gone mad. Britney shaved her head, the Octamom tried to have more kids and Simon left Idol. What we don't expect is that these earth shattering changes will occur in the most sacred of all places: our study space. Sort of like walking out into a parking lot and realizing that your car is gone, logging into GT only to see that the whole thing has been turned upside down can cause a small run of VTach.

Don't get me wrong, I was bothered by Britney's new look and devastated that my idol would be Simon-less, but I can honestly say I felt your pain when I logged into my Gunner account and saw the maelstrom that had begun with the internal site redesign.

So perhaps an explanation is in order. We have been planning to redesign the site for quite some time. Our mastermind technology expert has been working on producing a Gunner that is more efficient and will allow users to customize their experiences and interact with each other. We're really excited about getting to that point but we are iterating towards it in steps, and the first step was to scrap the old interface. It's sort of like buying a house and then once you move in realizing you don't like the paint, the carpet smells funny and the toilet seat is cracked. We had to renovate. But I think we can all agree that the house we're building isn't going to look truly spectacular until the paint is touched up, the carpet is steam cleaned and the new porcelain toilets are delivered. So Gunner users, I ask that you stay patient with us during this time of renewal. It's still the same content and questions that make Gunner so great!

No, we did not scrap some of your most prized features of GT. There was simply no way to bring them all back at once, so we merely staged the process of re-introduction. Many of you have taken great pride in customizing your review schedules to go along with your school exams, and I assure you that this feature will soon be returned to you.

What I can also tell you is this. We will not close the book on this facelift until you're happy. The old Gunner look is out, but together, we will build a GunnerTraining experience that is more intuitive and efficient. After all, it is your feedback that guides much of our efforts. Without the users, there is no GT. So keep sending us your feedback. These comments and requests give us insight into what you want the most and allow us to deliver that final product to you as quickly as humanly possible.

I assure you, your car is not lost.

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