Daily Patient Cases, the Sale, and The Streak

Posted by Emily Baillieul on Jan 24, 2018 4:39:47 PM

Yes, we are having a sale. Also, a challenge.

First, through January 31st, Firecracker is on sale for $150 for 6 months, $180 for 12 months, $250 for 18 months.

BUT WAIT. There’s more. For all members, we’re holding a contest to see who masters The Streak. Here’s what you can win:

2 First Prizes: Apple iPad Pro

7 Second Prizes: Firecracker Hoodie, or Bomber jacket


All students who accomplish The Streak: 30 days added to your Firecracker account

This contest is open to everyone who is a member on or before February 2, and we’ll be tracking The Streak until February 5th. So you must be a member on or before February 2nd, and you must start your Streak on or before February 3rd, and we’ll be tracking until February 5th.

What’s The Streak? Glad you asked.

If you can get your Daily Patient Case correct  for any three days in a row between January 24 and February 5, that is the Streak. Inside your Firecracker Study Plan you may have seen Daily Patient Cases. They’re q-bank style diagnostic questions and you get one everyday (provided you have topics marked):

patient case.png

You get a new case everyday, and your streak reflects how many you get correct. You must do one *every day* to maintain The Streak - so that means 3 days in a row between January 24 and February 5, not just any 3 days. And they need to be correct:


To qualify for the contest, you’ll need 3 correct answers on 3 consecutive days. Start early!

If you don’t see a Daily Patient Case don’t fret. Just go to Study Something Specific and mark a new topic to study - the reason Daily Patient Cases don’t appear is because there are no new cases associated with your currently marked topics. As soon as you mark something new, will cases, you will get a Daily Patient Case in your To Dos.

Now, one thing - the Daily Patient Case it not part of Dedicated Test Prep mode. If you’re a Firecracker member in DTP mode, give us a shout at chat [at] firecracker.me and we’ll give you an alternative Task. Also remember: The Streak is only for Daily Patient Cases - not q-bank questions and refresh questions.

To review, our sale goes through January 31. The Streak competition goes through February 5, for all members. Note that means you must start the Streak no later than February 3rd. Good luck!

The Firecracker Team

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