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Posted by Keith Frankel on Mar 9, 2016 10:26:38 AM
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Today we’ve launched the first of two new task types that we’ll be adding to Today’s To-Dos this week: Daily Patient Cases. Now when you come into Firecracker each day, you will see a single new clinical vignette (CV) for you to solve, selected specifically for you based on your content marks, your past recall scores on the primary associated topic, your performance on related CVs, and the relative difficulty of each CV.


 Before you attempt to solve each day’s CV, you can see how many of your peers answered it correctly or incorrectly when they saw it. We’ll also keep track of your longest streak of correctly solved CVs. If you skip a day, your streak ends. If you answer a clinical vignette incorrectly, your streak ends. The question is: Can you diagnose more cases correctly than your peers?

Later this week, we’ll also be adding a second new optional task type: Refresh Tasks. These will allow you to quickly review the summary and flashcard questions for the primary associated topic that was tested in that day’s Patient Case. And as always, the work done will reprioritize the related questions in your long-term stack.

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