Celebrate with Us! 3 Months of Gunner for $29!

Posted by Ben Williams on Nov 7, 2011 1:05:19 PM

We're feeling really good here at Gunner. We've teamed up with Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, added 800 rich new images to the site, and redesigned the topic view page to provide a cleaner interaction with our content. But why let the air of celebration end with that? We want to keep the momentum going and share the cheer with all of you! So we're running a 2 week group deal starting today: buy three months of Gunner for the price of one!

Here's how the deal works: if 50 or more people sign on for the deal by November 21st, everyone who signed on for the deal will be charged $29 and sent a coupon code worth 3 months when applied to an existing account. Don't yet have an account? No worries at all, you can join Gunner free of charge for two weeks right here.

So check out our group deal and keep celebrating with us!

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