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Dhara Kinariwala is a third year medical student at the University of Virginia and a content team manager at Firecracker. She grew up in Virginia Beach, VA and completed her undergraduate degrees in Biology and International Studies at VCU. In her free time, which is quite limited these days, she likes to dance salsa and spend time outdoors.

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Introducing Firecracker High Yield

Posted by Dhara Kinariwala on Aug 12, 2016 4:57:23 PM

Although we believe that students are best served by mastering all of the content in Firecracker, we know that, for some students, that’s just not feasible. That’s why we’re happy to announce Firecracker High Yield, a new addition to both Firecracker MD and DO that allows you to focus on a smaller subsection of the most important content, curated by our editorial team and assigned to you in smaller daily chunks. Today High Yield is available for the Step 1 and COMLEX. We’ll be releasing High Yield for Step 2 over the next couple of weeks.

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Introduction to M3: Welcome to the Big Leagues!

Posted by Dhara Kinariwala on Jul 11, 2015 12:00:00 PM


So you’ve finally taken Step 1. The biggest of CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve unflagged all the Step 1 content on Firecracker, put away your First Aid, and allowed your question bank to expire. The worst is over; the fun begins!

It’s time to work with real patients all day, every day! Here are some things you can look forward to now that you’re starting your third year:

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