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Posted by on Aug 24, 2010 4:36:38 AM published an article today about underprivileged high schoolers who designed and produced a high-efficiency, record-breaking electric vehicle (equivalent to 300mpg). From the article,

"The school serves those kids who fall through the cracks, and most of them live below the poverty line. A lot of them have seen some violence in their lives, others have kids, others have drug and alcohol problems and many of them struggle and many struggle with basic educational skills. It’s an amazing opportunity for them to follow up two years of work in a class called Creative Studio and Entrepreneurial Studies by designing and building a record-breaking electric car."

Disclaimer: file this under rant. Why aren't we (medical trainees) able to accomplish something similar? Compared to these kids, we are highly privileged, we hold bachelors degrees in all the scientific fields, we have nearly unlimited access to book/journals/expertise -- in other words, we have incredible advantages. But instead of innovating, as trainees we are mostly pushed through the system, desperately trying stay above the torrent of information we're given.

Those of us who choose to create something new in medicine either have to do it through a research setting (e.g. lab), or do it independently. I'd love to hear your thoughts: Would it be possible/realistic for med schools to offer classes on designing/innovating in medicine? It could be for devices, for software, for hospital designs, for patient care other words, just about anything.

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