Announcing Monthly Firecracker Webinars

Posted by Ben Williams on Jan 8, 2014 7:34:05 PM

Hi Firecrackers,

Starting this month, to make sure you know how to use Firecracker -- and answer any questions you may have -- Firecracker will host Webinars the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm EST.

We will demonstrate the science behind our program and explain how to use Firecracker alongside your classes to learn and remember the key material you need to know.

It’s a great way to interact with the Firecracker team and ask us questions directly! At each webinar, you'll get the latest word on Firecracker news and receive exclusive access to our most current promotions.

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Topics: Medical Education

Welcome to Firecracker

Firecracker is an adaptive learning platform that uses amazing content coupled with spaced repetition to help medical students crush their exams. We offer programs for both individual students, and entire medical schools. If you'd like to learn more contact us at

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