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Posted by firecrackerinc on Dec 17, 2014 12:48:21 PM

Love Firecracker's new mobile apps? We know you do! The number of questions answered in our mobile apps is growing at an astounding rate. That's why we we're giving you the ability to use the mobile app on your computer.

Now you can sync the questions on your phone then use the beta web app on your computer, the question count will sync up 100%. We've also added keyboard shortcuts for the web so you can move through questions as quickly as before. Just hit the letter "H" on your keyboard see a list of shortcuts.
Click here to try the mobile app in your browser!

On your mobile device: Click more and then click sync content to sync your progress from other devices.

On your desktop: Simply refresh your browser to sync your progress from other devices!

Want to read more about the difference between the mobile app and Firecracker's classic website? Click here.

Thanks! Let us know what you like about the ability to use the mobile style website!

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