Using spaced repetition to remember just about anything

Posted by meenenc2013 on May 22, 2014 10:26:52 AM

Spaced repetition is the fuel that runs Firecracker's engine. Does it work in other fields of education?

Absolutely. It's the most efficient way to learn anything, let alone medicine. By tracking how well you remember a concept, a spaced repetition system knows exactly when you should review it - right before you forget it. The more times you review a concept, the longer it takes to forget it. A spaced repetition system like Firecracker makes sure you review a concept over and over, at intervals set by when you would next forget it. You don't waste any time, and you never forget anything.

It's not surprising to see endorsements for spaced repetition in other fields. Belle Beth Cooper, co-founder of Hello Code, says spaced repetition learning is one of five methods she recommends for learning a new language. She even references the "forgetting curve," a core principle of Firecracker:


Notice how the time it takes to forget something increases with each successive review. That means you don't need to review a concept as soon as you did the last time. Spaced repetition works in any discipline that has a ton of material to learn: science, history, and, as Cooper believes, language. Read her complete blog post about learning a new language.

- The Firecracker Team

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