Introducing Nightingale: Firecracker's Next-Generation Quiz Engine

Posted by firecrackerinc on Nov 10, 2013 10:01:27 AM

At Firecracker, we constantly release new features that make your experience better. Lately, our Engineering team has been hard at work developing our next-generation quiz platform, codenamed Nightingale. Our website will look and feel the same as it does today, but we're swapping out the engine that powers the questions you answer. Nightingale will be faster, more accurate and will easily incorporate new Topics and Questions into your schedule as we improve our content.

We know you’ll love Nightingale!


1. Why the change?

Firecracker is seeing tremendous amounts of new users sign up, and we set out to build a quiz platform that will support all our new and existing members. Nightingale is faster, more accurate and can more easily adjust to new content.
Nightingale has been fully vetted using a new suite of automated tests written from the ground up. This gives us a more solid base on which to rapidly add new features.

2. Will I lose anything in the transition?

No! We’ve worked hard to make sure your quiz history, scores and content will remain intact throughout the transition.

3. Will my schedule change?

Nightingale uses the same proprietary and acclaimed learning algorithm that has always powered Firecracker. Your quiz schedule will continue to adjust to how well you remember the content.
Nightingale takes advantage of recently added and updated content. If you notice a change in your schedule, it is likely Nightingale adjusting to vastly improved questions and topics. It’s a good thing!

4. How do I get access?

Nightingale will be automatically rolled out to existing users over the next few weeks. We are currently wrapping up a beta test to get last-minute feedback. You may be notified to take part in the final stages of the Beta before we release the changes to everyone.

5. Why do you call it “Nightingale”?

We are big fans of adaptive learning at Firecracker, and the nightingale bird is great inspiration. The nightingale can sing more than 200 different songs. It learns new songs from other nightingales and adjusts its own melodies.
Listening to nightingales sing can be very zen:

Questions? Our support team is available to help.

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