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Posted by Joana Murphy on Apr 13, 2017 5:58:07 PM

Many of our school partners ask us how they can utilize Firecracker to help support some students that fell behind a specific course or a few courses during their first year in medical school. Some students can be asked to re-do their first year, but in certain cases where a student only struggled in one course they would like the student to remediate just that specific course. Due to staff constraints and inflexibility of traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS), many schools can't easily leverage the original course material and have no way of monitoring their progress for whatever work they need to complete. 


For students who failed a course or who require further support after the first year, Firecracker can create a personalized Summer Study Program that will help those students remediate learning objectives from those courses. This program will leverage all the material assembled for the previous academic year, e.g. course alignment to Firecracker topics and weekly formative quizzes. The content will be delivered in daily format instead of the course schedule already used. 


Custom curriculum alignment

  • Firecracker creates a new course view that follows a daily format. Each day students will be asked to review a number of topics (Week → Day, Monday, Tuesday.... → Firecracker Topic) 
  • Faculty should review/create a  high-level schedule for student to follow during the summer
  • Faculty can use the pre-existing course view and assign lectures to specific days or choose Firecracker topics to be covered during the summer 
  • The new course will only be assigned to the students who need remediation 

Weekly Quizzes 

  • The same questions for the weekly formative quizzes will be used
  • New exams will have to be created in Firecracker, so in case the student has already taken the quiz that data will not be lost by reseting the exam. 

Institution Dashboard 

  • The faculty will be able to access students progress within the curriculum through the dashboard 
  • Because we create a new course, faculty will be able to easily follow only those students 

Messaging / Engagement 

  • Early in the week students will receive an email with the schedule for the week, what topics they have to cover.  
  • Every Friday, a message will be sent to students with the link to the quiz they should complete


The Summer Study Program is just one of the ways that Firecracker's Academic Operations team can support your students and staff throughout your programs. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.


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