New Functionality on Faculty Dashboard: Item Analysis

Posted by Marsha Gelber on Aug 24, 2020 6:00:06 PM

Firecracker has added a new set of data to help faculty better evaluate the quality of the custom quizzes that they create with us for formative exams. With Item Analysis, faculty can access data such as Difficulty Index, Point Biserial, and Discrimination Index among other data to evaluate each question in a quiz, and the quiz as a whole.

Also exciting about this development is that faculty can choose from among several data points for each question and decide which of the data sets they want to set as their default results for a quick review of the quiz. Faculty can personalize their review by deciding which data point they want to set as their default for quiz review. 


To make it even easier, these data points are downloadable.

Find this new feature by following this path: Assignments > View Full Results > Questions. There you can see the Item Analysis right next to the historical quiz data for your school as compared with all schools. So, the data that is available in Exam Item is specific to the custom quiz that is created, whereas the data for your school/all schools is historical data for that question, answered by all students in any environment, with several years of data that serve to benchmark that question.


And, there you have it: Firecracker helps faculty the data they need.

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