11 most common "Noncompliance" findings by LCME

Posted by Sean Horgan on Nov 12, 2016 6:00:01 PM
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Firecracker is here at AAMC 2016 and we'll be posting some insights from many of the great sessions. One of these sessions was LCME Accreditation: A Tool for Improvement, presented by the following faculty and staff:

  1. M. Lourdes Winberry
    Associate Dean for Health Affairs, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  2. Barbara Barzanksy
    LCME Co-Secretary and Director, Undergraduate Medical Education, American Medical Association
  3. Herbert Smitherman Jr.
    Vice Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Assistant Dean of Community and Urban Health , Wayne State University School of Medicine
  4. Veronica Catanese
    LCME Co-Secretary and Senior Director, Accreditation Services, Association of American Medical Colleges

At The George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences, they presented the 11 most common "Noncompliance" findings by LCME:

  • 1.4 Affiliation Agreement
  • 3.3 Diversity/Pipeline Programs and Partnerships
  • 6.2 Required Clinical Experiences
  • 8.6 Monitoring of Completion of Required Clinical Experiences
  • 6.3 Self-Directed and Life-Long Learning
  • 8.1 Curricular Management
  • 8.3 Curricular Design, Review, Revision/Content Monitoring
  • 9.1 Preparation of Resident and Non-Faculty Instructors
  • 9.4 Variety of Measures of Student Achievement/Direct Observation of Core Clinical Skills
  • 9.5 Narrative Assessment
  • 9.8 Fair and Timely Summative Assessment

Firecracker got our start as a tool for self-directed students and over 1 out of 5 medical school students use our adapative learning platform in their classes. Simply providing your students with access to a tool in hopes that it meets LCME 6.3 is wishful thinking. We recommend talking to your students about the tools they find useful and how schools can help them more easily integrate these tools into their studies.

Beyond LCME 6.3, Firecracker can help you today with Fair and Timely Summative Assessment (9.8), Curricular Management (8.1), Curricular Design (8.3) and we're excited to now be working with some great schools on leveraging our clerkship content to support clinical experiences.

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